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About Us


Pfiger Software Technologies started with a dream of making it big in the software sector. We started with Life Software. It evolved slowly. Over a period of time, it became synonymous with industry standard. It was been our flagship product Life is now LifePlus. It is a full-featured software for Agents / DO of LIC. Our clients are all over in India. LifePlus has become first choice for all these people which speaks volumes for our product.

We have kept pace with time. We have constantly upgraded our products. Our solutions now offer extreme mobility in this age of competition. Pen Drive based utilities and Mobile based Software is some of our innovations which have taken insurance Agents/DO to a new level of service standards. Our software is fully tested and bug free backed by excellent client service. Our other products are also niche products.

Bachat for Post-Office Agents, Gi for Non-Life Insurance, Speed for RTO Agents, LifeCRM.net Online Portfolio for Life Insurance & Investment Professional, LifePlus for Life Insurance Professional, LifeCell Mobile Ready Reckoner. LifeCRM.net is in line with the current trends world over. It is LifePlus offered to you as ‘Software as a Service’. It means you do not have to install and update LifePlus in your computer. We host it and make it available to you over the Internet. You can upload your data and then access it from anywhere. It has all the capability and facilities of LifePlus. Moreover you can also access all features of Bachat, GI and TrackMF in LifeCRM which are optionally available as per your requirement.

We are now introducing a very comprehensive accounting software AryaPlus with Inventory featured. It is a software which can be used easily by large retailer with POS requirements as well as by an SME, and yet AryaPluswill cost at a price of basic Accounting Software. Watch out for more trend-setting products. We promise to deliver it again and again.


pfiger software Developed ePalika Software for Nagarpalika, which includes Different types of Modules Like Birth-Death Registration System, Merriage Registration, PrpertyTax Management System, Building Planning, Inward-Outward, Payroll, Public Complaints, Solid Waste Management, Stock Management, Tender.


Pfiger Software provides an Offshore Software Outsourcing to give a new shape and meaning to the early way of doing business. It has really made life adapt a simple and easy path.
Outsourcing your web development tasks will not only guarantee the competitive rates but will also bless you with many other benefits. Some of such benefits include access to the talented web development experts, cost effectiveness, utilization of best resources and time management. Moreover, outsourcing to the offshore web development company can be easily carried out via the Internet.


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Let you make the best use of information technology by producing and supporting easier data management systems to turn your information resources into intelligent Knowledge assets with your expectations exceeded and budget respected.